What We Do

Digital Services

FirstLink Technology offers a comprehensive four-tiered approach to digital services. With a beginning in providing web hosting services, we expanded into an extensive offering of IT services, then web development and last digital marketing offerings. FLT is proud to employ multi-talented technicians and creationists in these fields executing their crafts to assist small and medium sized businesses and non-profits with their organizational goals.

FLT is able to provide a unique set of hosting options in our digital services suite. From shared hosting to dedicated servers, we offer it all. We can set up a virtual machine or file sharing and provide SaaS, IaaS solutions, email hosting and e-commerce hosting. All this without batting an eye, and more. Just ask about our other capabilities. Whatever your business needs, FLT will create a customized strategy for you.

Our IT support services include world class service with no run around or phone trees to speak with a technician. FLT offers consulting services to discover your IT needs, be it migration to the cloud, a business continuity strategy or a managed services plan. Your business may need equipment and regular, expert monitoring of the server and network. Our IT digital services even extend to remote workers and telephony support.

FLT has a wide range of web development offerings beginning with website design and development. Whether you need a fully custom e-commerce website or decide our WordPress website template theme will suite your needs we will walk your through the process from initial scope to final quality checks. Our development capabilities also include mobile apps, web portals, WordPress plugins and SaaS products. FLT will assist with project and database management solutions and your e-commerce projects too.

Our digital services in marketing provides options such as SEO (search engine optimization) marketing, reputation management and content marketing. Discuss your business and company goals with our team and we will strategize a plan to achieve them with a defined brand strategy. You may want to take advantage of our logo and graphic development services to ensure continuity across all mediums. FLT offers other digital services as well, inquire with a sales representative.


Is This You?

I need a way my employees can access their work from anywhere, at any time, no matter if they’re in the office or away and on a computer or mobile phone.

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Virtual Desktop

FLT can set your business up with a virtual desktop. This gives you a cloud-based environment to run all software from for your employees and eliminates the need for a single desktop to work from.

I’m looking for someone to handle my IT needs. No matter the situation. If it’s broken, I want to be able to call one company to fix it or do whatever needs to be done. I really don’t want to think about my IT issues at all.

Explore ServiceFirstLink's digital services offerings can help your business reach the next level.

Managed IT Services

FLT offers complete managed IT services packages customized to fit your specific business needs. We can set up flat monthly rate options or pay as you go. Whatever your needs, we have a solution!

I want to make it easier for my employees to get their jobs done in this fast moving world and move my business to the cloud.

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Cloud Migration

FLT offers complete cloud migration services. We will formulate a strategy, implement a plan for the project and keep you abreast of the progress all through the project.

I need a new website. Mine isn’t secure, it looks dated and isn’t up to SEO best practices on the search engines, like Google.

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Website Development

FLT’s website development offerings span the full range of options. We have a WordPress template website theme available with additional plugins available, to customize for your needs, to a completely tailor-made website of your design. If you can dream it, we can build it.

I need a way for my users to connect to all of our company’s software programs from one main source, using one login.

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Web Portal

FLT will design and develop a web portal solution allowing a single sign on to provide access to software applications from anywhere, at any time.

I want to improve my placement in the search results on Google.

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FLT provides search engine optimization (SEO) services designed to increase your page rank, enhance your online reputation, and improve your overall performance online.

Does my business rating on places like Google and Yelp! really matter? Our company’s rating isn’t very high. Is there anything we can do to raise it?

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Reputation Management

FLT offers reputation management, coupled with listing management, to give a comprehensive way to standardized your business information across the internet and keep tabs on your reviews and respond as appropriatly. We strategize with you to implement plans, increasing ratings and generating reviews.

Windows isn’t compatible with the new specialty software I’m using for my business. Am I going to need a separate computer to run this software?

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Virtual Machine

You won’t need another computer, you need a virtual machine. FLT will establish a cloud-based environment that will allow you to operate two distinct operations on the same computer at the same time.

Our Work

  • Glass Company
  • Real Estate Company
  • Data Backup Provider

Glass Company



A regional glass installation and manufacturing company needed a single partner to assist their streamlined administrative staff in IT and email support and rebrand and update their website to be compliant with Google standards and drive more leads to the business.


FirstLink’s web team architected a website schema that provided many call to action points while crafting content that was rich in keywords for the glass industry. Once the website was launched into a secure cloud hosting environment, the IT support team developed a plan to bring their network, systems and software to the current version and increase the speed within and between their multiple office locations. While in the process of implementation, they purchased another local glass company and need to expand the current plan to include assimilating the new company into their structure. Our team was able to be flexible and provide a new plan that incorporated the new company and brought all of the means of production together quickly and efficiently. Currently, FirstLink is providing web hosting and managed IT support for the company and is a one call solution for the owners and staff for any technical problems or new opportunities they encounter.

Real Estate Company



A local real estate brokerage company needed a new website that provided more manageability and scalability than their current real estate specific template company could provide. They also needed the new website to work with their current IDX listings service for online listings display and client management.


FirstLink’s development team was able to use our FirstTheme skeleton to craft a new real estate oriented template that offered not only the current IDX listings services, but also new upcoming listings and an extensive sold listings database to show the level of expertise the firm had in their specific target areas. We also created a neighborhood experience that provide rich keyword content and data for a potential buyer or seller and also for search engine optimization purposes to bring new buyers and sellers to the website. Currently, FirstLink is providing web hosting of their website and maintaining backups and current versioning on our FirstTheme environment while meeting with the owners quarterly to discuss future marketing initiatives.

Data Backup Provider



A worldwide data backup provider needed high-level technical expertise in the FreeBSD UNIX operating system environment and a SOC 2 compliant hosting facility that could provide on-site management and support of their physical systems.


FirstLink’s hosting support team was able to provide a stable and scalable solution that supported not only their compliance requirements, but also gave the company the ability to grow without incurring large infrastructure costs. Currently, FirstLink hosts their Denver location in our SOC 2 compliant data center and supports ongoing hardware and technical requirements on a as needed basis. In addition, because of the long term business relationship and trust in the technical competence, the company invited the CEO of FirstLink to sit on the Board and help set direction for the company’s future growth.