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FirstLink offers a full range of IT Support services. It begins with IT consulting services to strategize network configurations and disaster recovery plans through remote support of your virtual desktop and 24/7 monitoring and mitigation against cyberattacks. We are a one stop shop for all your IT support needs. Our expertise and span of services makes FirstLink a clear choice as your Managed Services Provider.

We fix problems you have now and then set up monitoring and training oversight systems, so they do not happen again. We do not trap you in a contract, but we’ll provide IT support to fit your needs. Whether it’s hourly remote help or a scheduled maintenance contract, we have the right solution for your company. Also, we are SOC 2 and HIPAA compliant, so you can rest assured that we are providing top IT information, practices and security for your business.

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Our Work

  • Electronics Merchandising Group
  • Local Dental Practice
  • National Sign Company
  • Financial Services Company

Electronics Merchandising Group



A member-based consumer electronics merchandising group, which assists their membership with education, purchase power, networking, training and vendor special pricing, computer system was running on soon-to-be outdated and unsupported operating systems and servers. They were using an on-premises physical server with end of life operating systems and deprecated equipment.  The systems and software were being held hostage by an ex-employee. The systems had no backups, no redundant power nor did the company have any business continuity plans in place. They faced a dilemma: either buy new hardware and software or move their system to the cloud.


This merchandising group specializing in both consumer electronics and specialty products decided to go with a FirstLink comprehensive cloud migration service strategy tailored for their immediate needs and future growth.  The solution was multiple secure cloud servers consisting of a domain controller for authentication, a file server for storage, and an application server for their accounting software.  This solution solved a number of challenges for the company.  First it alleviated any concerns for the data and software being held hostage by the rouge employee, secondly it freed them from the office space lease, a savings of over $60,000 per year and finally it created a secure environment that can scale as the company grows.  A VPN was set up to ensure a secure connection to the server.  Now employees are able to access resources from anywhere in the world with ease and increased security. They now have nightly backups and monitoring and management agents on all servers. Our staff can remotely access and assist the users to determine their resource needs. Overall, they are much leaner, lighter, and more productive in their new cloud environment.

Local Dental Practice



A rapidly growing dental practice needed to scale from one dentist in a small office to a much larger staff and a newly purchased larger office space. They had a single computer, no network and outdated dental software.


FirstLink procured more computers along with a server and setup a network with a permission structure that provides HIPAA Compliance for their patients. We updated their dental software to the current version and provided a business continuity solution that keeps them working, securely. The dentist wanted to add in-room digital x-rays and a physical surveillance system which we included in the network and system upgrades. Currently, FirstLink provides managed IT support for their computers, network and surveillance system and meets with them on a quarterly basis to discuss any changes to their system and future project planning.

National Sign Company



A nationwide sign organization wanted to move their staff out of their office environment and into a remote environment where they can still share files and communicate effectively.


FirstLink installed a cloud continuity solution for each remote worker that backup their workstations at a file and operating system level. We migrated their email to Office 365 and helped them set up their groupware so they can collaborate within their team. Currently, FirstLink hosts their website and cloud continuity solution and provides managed services for their workstations, phones and their Office 365 software.

Financial Services Company



A local financial services company was required by their broker dealer to use their Office 365 email subscription but did not provide them the rest of the Office products for their file management and team communication. This resulted in each employee using individual solutions that did not work together or provide security for their clients.


FirstLink purchased a new domain name and set up a corporate Office 365 account for the company under the new name and setup active directory for each user to ensure security and business continuity. We migrated each employee’s disparate files to the new file management system with a permission structure that ensures files are kept secure and backed up. Currently, FirstLink provides managed services to their two office locations for their workstations, network and servers and supports their Office 365 software.