First Theme Website Builder

Sep 6, 2022


First Theme website builder, created by FirstLink Technology, is a design-forward, professional WordPress theme extension that gives you the best of both worlds in a website development project. For a very competitive price point, we can provide careful content and design planning, so the website is a true representation of your business, while avoiding lengthy and expensive development cycles. First Theme sites are always secure and up-to-date, easy to navigate and user-friendly. They are responsive and mobile friendly, SEO compatible, and versatile across platforms.

First Theme Website Builder

Website Builder Process

Websites built on the theme are housed in the secure FirstLink Technology C-panel hosting environment. The all-in-one platform; includes fast content delivery, SSL certificates, and built-in security and support. You can also host and register your domain with FirstLink for a small additional monthly fee.

FLT’s hosting environment is SOC 2 compliant, which means we go the extra mile to ensure there is active security and backups of your data. There are alerts set to trigger anytime a firewall is breached, a privileged account is accessed, or data is modified. Our purpose is to keep your information secure, available, and confidential to build and keep your trust.

After we use the website builder to create your masterpiece, maintaining your website is painless with the full utility dashboard. Each function is clearly laid out and effortless to access and use. Easily make updates, create new pages for your website, and post to your blog all through the dashboard. No coding experience is required.

Our website builder comes standard with password protected pages. While you are able to give multiple users access to the First Theme site, you can password protect selected pages, or all completed pages, so they cannot be edited. Also, each user is set up with their own set of permissions depending on need.

First Theme websites come standard with search engine optimization and form builder tools and it is easy to customize with additional WordPress plug-ins. eCommerce platforms can be integrated as well as social media and other tools like payment processors, event calendars, and data managers. An interface for Google Analytics is included with each website builder created so you will be able to track your site traffic quickly and easily.

There are multiple options for page layouts inside the First Theme website builder. You can choose from header and menu layouts, different content block options like text, images and video, cover pages, and other special features. You can also include visual and content elements like a photo gallery, an announcement bar, number counter, and a blog.

FirstLink relies on the First Theme website builder as the foundational layer for most of our web development projects. The FirstLink team of designers, developers, and content gurus are here to assist with structuring your website, adding the appropriate plug ins, training, and fleshing out content. And while First Theme is easy to use and maintain, we are also available to assist you in keeping new and exciting content on your website and getting your website noticed. Our team has extensive experience in building your brand, communicating effectively to your audience and driving business through interactions on your website.

FirstLink’s expertise doesn’t stop at web development. We are your one stop shop for web hosting and IT support. We can help you gain a complete understanding of your business technology intricacies so contact FirstLink Technology for a free, no obligation consultation. We take the time to understand your unique business environment and present a no-nonsense solution that will suit your needs today and into the future.

FirstLink is your person to call for website updates, maintenance, hosting and security questions – we’re here for you!