9 Favorite High-Tech Gifts for the Holidays from Our Techs to You

Dec 9, 2022

Gift giving your favorite products is a fun way to celebrate the holidays. These tech gifts aren’t ideas for everyone on your list, but we like them so much we thought they deserved a shout out. These aren’t necessarily new this year or the latest model but they are stellar products living up to our expectations. 

Our Fav Tech Gifts 

Bluetooth Speaker – Our UX/UI Designer recommends the Bose SoundLink Revolve+ II for its true 360-degree music. This speaker was engineered to send sound waves in every direction, filling the room with your choice of music, podcast, or other media. It’s equipped with a flexible handle to go wherever you go. Reasons to get this speaker: “The sound is awesome, it’s super portable, and connects to multiple sources.” 

Apple’s Magnetic Tech – The CEO recommends the Apple MagSafe® for iPhone 12. Apple has adapted their magnetic technology for iPhone, keeping the name MagSafe they had used for MacBook chargers. MagSafe is a very clever magnetic alignment system for your iPhone 12 family of phones including the mini, Pro and Pro Max. Your iPhone can efficiently charge wirelessly, and you can mount a range of accessories to it. 

Car Display Adapter – Our social media department gives it two thumbs up! Magic Box allows you to watch anything from your favorite streaming platform on your car’s display screen. Just connect the Magic Box to an AppleCarPlay or Android Auto device and instantly start enjoying it. WiFi or a hotspot is required. It was built to be lightning fast and have zero load time. There are no subscription fees for Magic Box, just access your favorite streaming apps like Netflix, Prime Video, YouTube, and more. DO NOT OPPERATE WHILE VEHICLE IS IN MOTION only by a passenger 

In-Ear Wired Headset – The Senior Systems Engineer is a fan of the Razer Ifrit and Razer USB Audio Enhancer. He’s been using it for around five months now and really likes the sound quality/noise blocking capabilities of a headset without the bulk a headset. Razer prides itself on delivering products that deliver and this one does. The Razer lfrit is an in-ear headset and broadcaster-grade mic packaged to be discreet and unobtrusive. Perfect for virtual meetings! 

Mobile Device Charging Cable – Our Project Manager is all about this product. inCharge® X is the world’s only 6-in-1 charging cable with 100W and offers fast charging for almost any device from any power source. This will provide a fast charge for iPhone or Android, iPad, laptop, or any other portable device. It’s versatile, lightweight, and most importantly efficient. She takes it on all her trips. “It’s one charging cable for all my devices. It’s so easy!” 

Tech Repair Gadget – Our IT support tech uses iFixIt all the time to fix phones, laptops, and other tech devices that require repairing from time to time. The Pro Tech Toolkit and Magnetic Project Mat Bundle by iFixIt are their best-known toolkits. There is a limited-edition iFixIt bottle opener available as well. This collection is our best-selling bits and most popular opening tools. You’ll have a hard time finding a device you can’t open with this toolkit. This makes a great tech gift for the stocking! 

Mirrorless Camera – The Nikon Z7 II camera is our graphic designer’s tool of the trade. She loves it for beautiful, clear images she gets due to the mirrorless tech. The quick shutter speed is great for sports and targeting action shots. It also works great in low light areas. It provides a low native ISO of 64 which helps make sunsets or sunrises really pop. 

The Z7 II has a 45.7MP full-frame BSI sensor that is backed up by dual processors. Nikon’s Z-series cameras are highly ergonomic. Nikon has included dual card slots in the Z7 II for users that need immediate backup or want to easily separate their still images and videos. Key specifications include: 

GPS Fitness/Outdoor Watch – For five years, our system engineer has been using the Garmin FENIX watch. This tech gift combines the best features of fitness and outdoor watches. It’s on the smaller side for a multisport watch with 7-day-a-week wearability. It’s has wrist-based heart rate and Pulse Ox. It will track all your stats. It plays music and, in smartwatch mode, the watch will go up to 11 days between charges. 

Car Cell Phone Holder – Who says high tech has to cost a lot? These cell phone holders are built specifically with your car and phone in mind. ProClip USA is designed specifically for your car’s make and model, and your cell phone. ProClip phone mounts snap tightly in place to your dashboard giving you the perfect fit using materials that are built to last. The engineering department has used these cell phone holders for up to ten years in a Jeep, Dodge, and Ford. 

These high-tech gift gadgets and big guns may be on everyone’s wish list this year now. They are a great addition to anyone’s arsenal of gadgets and gizmos. There is a little something for everyone. Happy gifting everyone, even if it’s for yourself!