What We Do Best


FLT is able to provide a unique set of hosting options in our digital solutions suite. From shared hosting to dedicated servers, we offer it all. We can set up a virtual machine or file sharing and provide SaaS, LaaS solutions, email hosting and e-commerce hosting. All this without batting an eye, and more. Just ask about our other capabilities. Whatever your business needs, FLT will create a customized strategy for you.

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IT Services

We offer consulting services to determine your IT needs, be it migration to the cloud, a business continuity strategy or a managed services plan. Our IT support services are world-class with no runaround and no phone trees to speak with a technician. Your business may need equipment and regular expert monitoring of the server and network. Our IT digital solutions even extend to remote workers and telephony support.

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Web Development

FLT has a wide range of web development offerings beginning with website design and development. Whether you need a fully custom e-commerce website or decide our WordPress website template theme will suite your needs we will walk you through the process from initial scope to final quality checks. Our development capabilities also include mobile apps, web portals, WordPress plugins and SaaS products. FLT will assist with project and database management solutions and your e-commerce projects too.

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Our digital solutions in marketing provide options such as SEO (Search Engine Optimization), paid ads, reputation management and content marketing. Discuss your business and company goals with our team and we will conceptualize a plan to achieve them with a defined brand strategy. You may want to take advantage of our logo and graphic development services to ensure continuity across all mediums. FLT offers other digital services as well.

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Why Choose FirstLink

We are small business advocates driven to get our clients the best results for the maximum return on their investment in the online realm. We have a four-pronged approach to the Internet to give our clients a one stop shop for all things technology driven. We do it all, giving you peace of mind your online is inline and top of mind with us.

What you can expect with FirstLink

  • Personalized service from top notch technical experts.
  • Trusted ally in the realm of support and service.
  • Ability to reach someone who can help – not a first levelĀ gatekeeper.
  • Empowering small businesses to harness technology effectively.
  • Issues resolved – reducing the risk of disruption and decreasing lost productivity.
  • Solutions crafted – tailored to enhance efficiency, security, and the growth of your business.
  • Scalable solutions offered that adapt to the changing needs of your business.
  • Your partner in integrating new software, setting up secure networks, or accommodating increased workloads.
  • Minimized impact of downtime and continued smooth operation of your business.
  • Optimized and user-friendly websites, apps, and software solutions.
  • Strategized marketing solutions to meet business objectives.